Activities towards sustainability are a priority for the Arbitration Council Foundation (the Foundation). Sustainability will ensure the Arbitration Council (the Council) and the Foundation continue to provide labour dispute resolution services that help hundreds of businesses and investors and several thousands of Cambodia’s workforces across the country. The Foundation has and will implement critical activities to ensure the Council and the Foundation can respond to the growing needs of its services as the Cambodian economy keeps developing both in size and complexity.

In 2012, a fully-fledged practical strategic plan was developed and implemented with the focus on the sustainability of the Council and Foundation. This aims at making sure that the Council will eventually meet its clear mandate to serve businesses, investors, employers, employees and trade unions without relying on donor support, contributing towards calmer, fairer and more constructive industrial relations in Cambodia. The strategy recommends both short- and medium-term approach towards both institutional and financial sustainability of the Council.