Mr. VAR Monika

Mr. VAR Monika is a member of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and he was a Legal Manager at Cambrew Ltd.; where he provided his support in maintaining full legal and regulatory compliance across all offices, efficient handling of court case, legal notice, and representation before government offices, and provided his professional assistance in legal research for the purpose of evaluating risk factors affecting the business decision and operation. He was also a Chief Operating Officer in Health Sector where he was in charge of the well-functioning of Business Operaton in leading Business Development Department, HR and Financial Department, and Medical Department. Furthermore, Mr. VAR Monika was elected as a Vice President of Cambodian-Australian Network of Students (CANS) in Australia in 2015. In 2010, he was in the position of an Advocacy Officer at Legal Aid of Cambodia where he was in charge of planning, budeging, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of the project of promoting the rights of children in conflict with the law.

He obtained two Master Degrees of Laws, Master of Private Laws from the Royal University of Laws, and Economics. Then he was awarded by the Australian Awards Scholarship to gain his second Master of Law (LLM) from a top law school in Australia, the University of Melbourne.