The formal, institutional arrangement of the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) exists to provide advice and support to the Arbitration Council and the ACF.

SAG shall comprise at least nine (9) members: three (3) members representing labor unions, three (3) members representing employers’ associations, and three (3) members representing the Ministry in charge of labour – ensuring a regular forum for key stakeholder engagement and participation ensuring the Arbitration Council is a credible and independent labour dispute resolution forum. In addition to these nine members the Board may invite other relevant stakeholders to join the Advisory Committee as members or observers. Organizations that will have the right to send a representative to observe at meetings of the Advisory Committee include the ILO.

The SAG is not authorised to exercise responsibility for management execution or day-to-day implementation of Arbitration Council or ACF activities. The SAG respects the independence of the Arbitration Council and its decision-making authority in settling disputes, and the SAG abstains from influencing the Arbitration Council’s awards, decisions and orders.

By ACF request the SAG function may advise on: activities and work plans as prepared by ACF; how AC/F can coordinate with other agencies and institutions and to provide an institutional link to key partners at national and provincial levels; SAG members constituents viewpoints; design of relevant policies and legal issues; provide feedback on ACF activity results; and, to undertake other functions consistent with the Arbitration Council’s mandate, the ACF Statute and the SAG Terms of Reference.