Sub-Decree is issued by the Prime Minister.  Below are sub-degree related to labour field.

Sub-Decree No. 221 on the Amendment of Article 4, Article 5 and Article 16 of Sub-Decree No. 59 dated 8 May 2018 on the Determination of Contribution Rates, Procedures and Procedures for Payment of Social Security Contributions Health
October 21, 2022
Sub-Degree on The Social Security Scheme of Pension Money Section for The Persons Who Are Under the Provisions of Labor Law
September 9, 2021
Sub-Decree No. 32/22 on Social Security Pensions for Individuals Under the Provisions of the Labor Law
March 5, 2021
Sub-Decree 01 ANK.BK dated 06 January 2016 on the Establishment of the Security Schemes on Health Care for Persons defined by the Provisions of the Labour Law (Unofficial translation by NSSF)
January 6, 2016
Sub-Decree no.16 ANK.BK dated 2 March 2007 on The Establishment of the National Social Security Fund
March 2, 2007
Sub-Decree no 47 ANK.BK dated 01 May 2006 on The Composition and Functioning of the Labour Advisory Committee
May 1, 2006
Sub-Decree no. 52 ANK.BK dated 1 April 2005 on the Organization and Functioning of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training
April 1, 2005
Sub-Decree 57 ANK.BK dated 20 July 1995 on The Sending of Cambodian Workers Abroad
July 20, 1995