An International Advisory Board (IAB) guides and mentors the Arbitration Council Foundation to advance the Arbitration Council’s institutional development. The IAB provides recommendations on complex legal issues, extends fund-raising and networking opportunities with potential partners and assists in providing professional development for all Arbitration Council members and staff of the ACF and Secretariat of the Arbitration Council to maintain international standard services. The IAB currently comprises 5 members renowned for their integrity and extensive experience in industrial relations both nationally and internationally.

Ms. Susan R. BROWN

Arbitrator, Mediator and Trainer (Boston, Massachusetts)

Prof. Russell LANSBURY

Emeritus Professor of the University of Sydney

Prof. Allen PONAK

Adjunct Professor of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and Immediate Past President of the ‘National Academy of Arbitrators’

Commissioner Michael GAY

Chairperson of the Electrical and Communications Industry Disputes Board