The Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) is a local, non-political, civil society organisation duly-registered in 2005 with the Ministry of Interior in Cambodia. ACF was formed to provide technical and managerial services for the Arbitration Council (AC). The AC has oversight of the ACF through the election of one arbitrator from each stakeholder group as representatives, who form a majority of the voting members of the ACF Board of Directors.

The ACF comprises four departments: Finance and Administration Department, Legal Services Department, Training and Communications Department, and Monitoring and Evaluation Department.

Originally, the ILO provided technical support to the AC through its Labor Dispute Resolution Project in Cambodia. To ensure the institutional sustainability of the Council, ACF was established in 2005 and, in 2006, ACF assumed all technical support and other responsibilities.

Our staff cannot provide legal advice or opinion about the merits of your case, interpret the meaning of arbitral awards for you, comment on any decision handed down by the AC, recommend a particular enterprise, union or person to represent you, or undertake researches for you.