This National Industrial Relations Conference (NIRC) is a national forum for key employment and labour stakeholders and partners to engage in social dialogue for improved industrial relations in Cambodia and thereby contribute to broader economic growth and social development. It is an unparalleled opportunity for the tripartite stakeholders and others to directly interact with each other on current matters of common interest.

Six conferences were organized by the Arbitration Council and Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training and the ILO. In 2015 with support from SDC, SIDA, GAP Inc. and Levi Strauss Foundation, the 6th NIRC was focused on minimum wage, management of interest claims and better understanding and appreciation of STRIKES in Cambodia. These conferences have provided stakeholders an important forum to solicit and provide feedback on national industrial relations policy, for example, inputs for the Prakasregulation of the legal representative status of trade unions operating in Cambodia.

This year 2016 with support from TDSP, SIDA, USAID, DFAT, GAP Inc. and Levi Strauss Foundation, the Council, Foundation and Ministry have organized the 7th NIRC under the theme: “Cambodia Industrial Relations: Maturity and Commitment to Growth”. The conference has the following themes:

  • Maturity of Cambodian Industrial Relations
  • Maturing Industrial Relations: Roles of CBA
  • Practical & More Effective Workplace Mechanisms

The co-organizers are bringing together key government, business and union representatives as well as international industrial relations experts to discuss the impact and potential of peaceful industrial relations in Cambodia. The conference is for all interested stakeholders including the key parties: government, employers and trade union representatives, but also those students, private lawyers and advocates, international buyers, development partners and embassies seeking to better understand of the overall development, progress and relative maturity of industrial relations in Cambodia.