Improving Labour Dispute Resolution System – Harmonizing Industrial Relations (27-28 February 2017)


This Conference aim for better serving the industrial parties’ needs by expanding and empowering the Arbitration Council and serve as a forum for all invited industrial relations parties and interested stakeholders (government, employers and trade union representatives, international buyers, development partners and embassies) to participate in a dialogue, speaking their mind from both national and international perspectives with regard to the present and future roles of the labour dispute resolution system and the Arbitration Council.


This conference has the following three themes:

  • Comparative International Model – Operation of Labour Court and Arbitration Institution Perspectives of Interaction – Australia Fair Work Commission and the Federal Courts
  • Strengthening, Empowering, and Expanding the Arbitration Council Services
  • Understanding Way Forward and Possible Sources of Funds for the Arbitration Council Sustainability

The Ministry and the Foundation strongly believe that together, we can contribute through the Conference to strengthening, empowering, and expanding (SEE program) the services of the Arbitration Council.