Mr. MEN Nimmith

Executive Director

Mr. Men Nimmith serves as Executive Director of the Arbitration Council Foundation and is the head of the Executive Management Team. He represents the interests of ACF in communications with the tripartite partners (trade unions, employers’ associations and government, especially the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training), civil society and private sector, donors, diplomatic missions and other stakeholders, beneficiaries and partners. He is also an arbitrator of the Arbitration Council; he has voluntarily suspended his arbitration duties while serving as Acting Executive Director. He previously served as Executive Director of ACF (from 2005 to 2009); and worked with the European Commission, Cambodia; USAID/Cambodia; and UNTAC. He was a PhD candidate and researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia; and holds a Master Degree of Science from Northeastern University, Massachusetts, United States of America; Bachelor of Law from National University of Management, Cambodia and Bachelor of Public Administration from the Institute of Public Administration. He has received various awards including: AusAID Australian Leadership Award and U.S. State Department Fulbright Scholarship.