Ms. Susan R. BROWN

Arbitrator, Mediator and Trainer (Boston, Massachusetts)

Susan R. Brown has been working with the Arbitration Council and the Arbitration Council Foundation of Cambodia since 2005.  She is currently a member of the Foundation’s International Advisory Board.  Ms. Brown, a labor arbitrator and mediator since 1980, works in both the public sector – federal and state employees as well as police, firefighters and teachers – and the private sector – airlines, railroads, manufacturing, retail, utilities and the security sector, among others.


Ms. Brown, a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators since 1988, has served on its Board of Governors as well as the Chair of its Membership Committee and of the New England Region.  In 1996, she was a recipient of the Cushing-Gavin Award for Excellence in Labor-Management Relations, the primary New England recognition in the field.