First mobile training at the Factory site

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Two participants from the first TOT, of Labour Dispute Resolutions (LDR) and Arbitration Council (AC) process, conducted the first mobile training session for workers. The session was conducted at the factory site during a lunch break.

On 28 December 2018, with good preparation and assistance from ACF, Mr. Bour Samnang- Admin Supervisor and Ms. Keo Chenda-Worker’s representative at the Violet Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., successfully conducted a mobile training to 60 workers at the factory site during a 45-minute lunch break. The trainers showed a 15-minute video on the LDR and the AC. After the video, trainers asked questions to check the workers’ level of understanding and then  followed up with a quiz.

It is interesting to note that among the 60 workers who attended the session, only six knew of the Arbitration Council prior to the training.

All workers actively participated in the session took good notes and asked many questions. At the end of the session, they showed confidence and understanding and were happy to answer thetrainers’ quiz.

ACF is planning to have more lunch break mobile trainings conducted at the factory site during 2019.