SEES Global Staff and Workers Get Trained on Labour Dispute Prevention and Resolution

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On 31 August 2021, the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) in collaboration with SEES Global organized a Refresher Training on Labour Dispute Prevention and Resolution, joined by 16 people, including 8 women who are human resources managementand legal compliance officers, trade union leaders, shop stewards, and workers’ representatives.

The training aimed to review key contentand make the reflection on the practice at their workplace in terms of employment relationship buildingworkplace cooperation mechanism, and communication for negotiationIt is worth notice that the SEES Global team was get trained on the topics in a series of training organized between late 2020 and early 2021. Furthermore, the refresher training was also aimed to link key training concepts to coaching and follow-up sessions, which are the next phases in the Workplace Labour Dispute Prevention and Resolution Program to be implemented from September 2021.

Besides participants reflection on the program in contributing to building up their capacity in promoting healthy workplace cooperation and employment relationship, the course facilitators had given their views on the participants positive behavior, friendliness, valuing one another, open sharing, and mutual support in the training sessions, which demonstrate the positive changes in the workplace relationship. 

At the end of the training, ACF discussed with the SEES Global team and selected nine participants, including four women as members of the Workplace Dispute Resolution Committee, composed of management staff, union leaders, shop steward, and workers representatives. ACF will continue working with the committee members through coaching and drilling activities towards establishing an effective workplace labour dispute resolution mechanism that would benefit both employees and employers.