Welcome ACF Board of Directors for the Fifth Term

Arbitrator Nan An, ACF's Chairperson of the Board of Directors
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Congratulations to Arbitrator Nan An, Arbitrator Mathoeung Sok, Arbitrator Tayseng Ly, Dr. Nara Moa and Dr. Kimchoeun Pak for the occasion that they were elected in 2018 for three-year terms as members of ACF’s Board of Directors!

The ACF is overseen by a six-member Board of Directors. Three arbitrators and two external members currently serve on the Board. A representative of the International Labour Organisation also serves as a non-voting member.

On August 04, 2018, the election of the BOD members for the fifth term (2018 to 2021) was organized at ACF’s office. Eighty-three percent of AC arbitrators participated in the voting process. One arbitrator from each list was elected by a simple majority of arbitrators on that list, resulting in three Board members. Mr. Nan An  is an arbitrator from the employee’s list and a consultant to Worker Rights Consortium based in Washington D.C., United States; Dr. Mathoeung Sok is an arbitrator from the Ministry’s list and a professor of Economics and Law at Royal University of Law and Economics; and Mr. Tayseng Ly is an arbitrator from the employer’s list and partner and managing director of HBS law firm.

Two outside members , Dr. Nara Mao and Dr. Kimchoeun Pak, were also elected by the absolute majority votes of the arbitrators from all the lists. Dr. MAO is a business and academic consultant who has dedicated his life to Cambodian education for nearly four decades and Dr. Pak is an independent researcher.

On 29 August 2018, the new elected BoD members held a meeting to elect the chairperson and Arbitrator Nan An was elected by a majority vote.

The meeting was also an official hand over from the out- going members of BoD to the new elected board.

The meeting was attended by 13 arbitrators, five of whom were women, including the current directors, newly elected directors and the ACF management team.