Arbitrator’s job requires gigantic sacrifices!

(AC: Arbitration Council Hearing)
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Members of the Arbitration Council work voluntarily to resolve the labour disputes that are brought to the Arbitration Council. Arbitrators receive no salary for their participation in labour resolution except small case allowance.

In addition to dispute resolution, arbitrators have committed to adhere to professional guidelines, and they regularly participate in periodic meetings as well as the General Meeting of Arbitrator, an National Industrial Relations Conference, and other activities of the Arbitration Council.

In the matters of strengthened institutional integrity and governance, AC members always convene to respond to challenges and other factors in order to improve labour dispute resolution services.

1- On 28 April 2018, 14 arbitrators participated in a meeting that discussed (A) announcement of the national industrial relations conference and the AC 15th anniversary (B) proposed wordings to be used in arbitral awards (C) a presentation on the result of a study on opertional environments that influence the AC operation, and (D) a presentation on the resulst of a study on the possibilities of other alternative dispute resolution processes under the law.

2- The ACF’s fifth mandated Board of Directors election for 2018-2021 was held on 4 August 2018. Twenty-five arbitrators took part in the election. The newly elected Board of Directors members comprise  arbitrators—Sok Marthoueng, Ly Tayseng, and An Nan as well as professionals from outside—Dr. Mao Nara and Dr. Pak Kimchoeun. Arbitrator An Nan was elected president.

3- On 24 August 2018, 13 arbitrators and 12 ACF personnel attended a meeting that discussed the future and a sustainable structure for the AC.

In addition to these, arbitrators were invited to participate in important AC stakeholders’ meetings  as well as the ACF annual retreat held in December.

All these  gatherings provided forums for AC members to exchange legal viewpoints and to strengthen professionalism and AC stustainability in response to current developments in Cambodia industrial relations.