Law students from AEU attended an online workshop on Labor Dispute Resolution Procedures, the AC, and the Court

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On 24 February, the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) in collaboration with the Asia Euro University (AEU) organized a virtual workshop on Labour Dispute Resolution Process, the Arbitration Council, and the Court, participated by 39 law students from the Faculty of Law and Political Science. The workshop aimed at improving the knowledge and understanding of students on the procedure of the collective labour dispute resolution, the arbitration process, and the relation between the arbitration council and the court, which is significant knowledge for​ law students and law practitioners.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Men Nimmith, Executive Director of the ACF, emphasized that the Arbitration Council (AC) is a national state institution that plays a critical role in protecting the rights and interests of both workers and employers and ensuring the stability and the productivity in the labour sector nearly the past two decades. He added that Arbitration provides a platform for disputing parties to resolve the disputes peacefully, effectively, timely manner.​ At the same time, Mr. Nop Sopheak, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science has welcomed the collaboration between the ACF and AEU and expressed his gratitude to the ACF for providing the mentioned-above training to the law students at the university.

This workshop was presented and facilitated by Mrs. Seng Vuoch Hun, an arbitrator of the Arbitration Council (AC), focused on 1). Alternative collective labour dispute resolution, 2). Types of labour disputes, 3). Labour disputes resolutions procedures, 4). the Procedure and criteria for arbitrator selection, and 5). the Relation between the arbitration council and the court.

Participants also actively participated in the workshop and asked various questions to the speaker related to the decision of the arbitration panels and the issuance of the award and the qualification and mandate of the arbitrators.

The ACF is thrilled to collaborate with the Asia Euro University to host this workshop successfully and hopes that the next workshop will be able to organize in person when the COVID-19 subsides.