Law students from Phnom Penh International University attended workshop on Labor Dispute Resolution, the Arbitration Council and the Court

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On November 10, 2021, the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF), in collaboration with Phnom Penh International University (PPIU), organized an Online Workshop on Labor Dispute Resolution Procedures, the Arbitration Council and the Court, participated by 110 students majoring in law, including 45 women from PPIU.

At the opening session, Mr. Men Nimmith, Executive Director, ACF addressed a welcome note and briefed on the independent role of the Arbitration Council (AC) in resolving labor disputes and the support role of ACF in the work of the Arbitration Council. Ms. Tep Kolap, Rector, PPIU emphasized the importance of this workshop, both for herself and for all students who can take knowledge from today workshop as a basis for their future careers. At the same time, she asked for attention from all students and requested to keep other students who have not yet registered to join.

Ms. Seng Vuoch Hun, Arbitrator of the Arbitration Council and as a speaker, presented and facilitated the session focusing on three main aspects: 1) the process of alternative labor disputes resolutions, 2) the process and qualifications of the Arbitration Council and 3) the relationship between the Arbitration Council and the court.

The workshop was actively participated and there were many important questions such as the differences between the rights and benefits​​ disputes, the extent and coverage of the labor law for employees and employers in the sectors beside the private sector, the Arbitration Council institution and mechanism for resolving labor disputes, the relationship between the labor law and the company statutes, and layoffs/company closure and compensation.

The Arbitration Council Foundation will continue to work with universities and other relevant institutions to disseminate and share knowledge related to alternative dispute resolutions in contributing to creating a better working environment and relationship in the workplace.